• Pedro Jaén Group Headquarters

    Clinic located at Calle Cinca, 30, 28002 Madrid

  • Sensitive Skin Unit

    Up to 60% of patients may suffer from sensitive skin. Make an appointment with the Special Unit.

  • Plastic Surgery Unit

    Innovative concept, with cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeons on the same team to achieve excellent results.

  • Trichology Unit

    Team of expert dermatologists for hair-related problems in both men and women of any age.

  • Facial Beauty Unit

    The latest medical-scientific developments to achieve natural beauty.

  • Melanoma Prevention and Diagnosis Unit

    Keep an eye on your moles and avoid the most aggressive skin cancer: melanoma.

  • Hair Removal Unit

    The technique is performed and monitored by dermatologists with many years’ experience, using the best laser platforms.

  • Nutrition Unit

  • Pedro Jaén Group Medical Team

    Phone 91 431 78 61 for an appointment.

Skin Cancer Unit. Early diagnosis of skin cancer is very important if it is to be cured properly. For this purpose, we have the best professionals in this field of dermatology, as well as the most advanced technology (digital dermatoscopy and confocal microscopy).

Trichology Unit. Alopecia problems can cause major worries for both men and women. The aim of our professionals is to identify the causes and determine the most suitable treatments for each person.

Laser acne treatment. Acne is a problem that affects young people and adults. After a personalized study, we can eliminate acne with a new treatment involving the appropriate and optimized use of laser.

Welcome from Dr. Pedro Jaén. Read the first editorial by Dr. Pedro Jaén in which he discusses the excellent patient care provided by the Pedro Jaén Group, and its status as national benchmark in the various fields of Dermatology.

  • Dr. Pedro Jaén is recognized as one of the most prominent people in medicine in Spain for excellence in the care of his patients.–El Mundo