For over 25 years we have been committed to developing a comprehensive dermatology service able to provide top quality medical and surgical solutions for skin health and beauty.
Today, we can proclaim that we have treated over 30,000 patients in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, we have equipped ourselves with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and have established a valuable team of professionals trained in the best hospitals in Madrid.

We have always wished give priority to skin cancer and melanoma research, while maintaining our interest in cosmetic dermatology and the prevention of skin aging. Beauty treatments should be in the hands of those who possess the necessary skills to apply them and obtain the best results. Undoubtedly, the person best qualified to understand the indications, contraindications, possibilities and limitations of any procedure to be applied to the skin is the dermatologist. We consider our work to be serious, scientific and honest. Our group pioneered skin cancer treatments such as Mohs surgery and photodynamic therapy, and we are also proud to be the pioneers in creating a group of dermatologists specializing in beauty techniques.

We are proud to possess the latest technologies of proven effectiveness for dermatological health. One of the maxims of the Pedro Jaén Group has been to incorporate the latest technological advances in order to provide better care to our patients.


Research and innovation are the engine for the development of a revolutionary new dermatology which constantly seeks less invasive solutions for the needs of patients. Thus, new techniques are created for the prevention and early treatment of melanoma, as well as solutions that provide results based on scientific evidence in the field of beauty treatments. Our doctors collaborate with the resarch foundations of the Ramón y Cajal and La Paz Hospitals. A basic principle of the Group is the pursuit of scientific excellence, proof of which is the constant involvement of its members in scientific research and publications and in national and international conferences.

We are a leading European centre in the research and development of laser techniques and we direct research projects in fillers and botox. Our pioneering attitude and enthusiasm allow us to participate in research as a leading national research centre.



To get the best care it is not enough just to go to a good dermatologist. We are proud to have created the best team of experts in various areas. Scientific information is a vast field and it is not possible for a single specialist to be trained and updated in all areas at the highest level. Modern medicine tends towards specialization. We believe in this and therefore we have created specialized units in the different areas of clinical and cosmetic dermatology. The facilities of our centre in Calle Cinca allow us to use a working method in which specialization is as important as collaboration between professionals from different areas of medicine and skin beauty. In this respect, we have considered it important to work with plastic and reconstructive surgeons, vascular surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, radiologists and specialists in endocrinology and nutrition.

However, technology, science and technical skills alone cannot provide the essential human touch, the warmth that identifies a service oriented professional. We are people devoted to providing personalized solutions to meet the individual needs of our patients.

To sum up, the Pedro Jaén Group has become one of the national leaders, possessing a great professional team led by Dr. Pedro Jaén, and promoting technological innovation, scientific knowledge and teaching. We are convinced that the development of a medical field is only achieved through the ongoing training of those who comprise it. Indeed, we have been recognized by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology as a certified centre for the training of new resident physicians in cosmetic dermatology.

This website aims to provide a detailed explanation of what our work consists of and how it can help you have a healthy skin. We hope that this communication channel serves to inform you of the latest developments in skin care and treatment.