Our experience allows the optimization of lasers and appropriate selection of patients.

Laser Acne Treatment

There are now new adjuvant acne treatment techniques, such as pulsed dye laser and photodynamic therapy. Their use in combination with other acne treatments helps improve, above all, inflammatory lesions. To achieve these good results it is not only necessary to use state-of-the-art high-tech devices, but for these to be used by expert dermatologists who have taken part in the development of the most modern and sophisticated laser equipment. Our experience allows us to optimize the lasers and make an appropriate selection of patients.

When we talk about the use of laser in dermatology, we are talking about a constantly changing and developing field, with new applications for existing types of laser and with the continuous emergence of new technologies based on light sources, which improve or extend the field of action of the earlier ones.

These and other developments are based on a thorough knowledge of the skin and all the components thereof that respond to the application of a laser. Therefore, it is essential for this type of treatment to be controlled by a dermatologist, who is the professional best qualified to assess what can be treated, what tools can be used for the treatment and how the process should be planned.


Vascular lasers can eliminate red and/or pink skin lesions in a highly localized way without affecting the surrounding healthy skin. The pulsed dye laser is a great help in improving inflammatory lesions and in treating the typical pink spots caused by this type of acne. A monthly session is applied until the acne improves. Sometimes, a quarterly maintenance session can be applied to prevent relapse. After treatment, there are usually no bruises or scabs left in the area, and a normal routine can be followed with the only precaution of applying sunscreen.

Other light sources such as photodynamic therapy are used in selected cases, in acne resistant to other therapies or when other treatments cannot be used for any reason.
This new system for treating acne consists of applying a photosensitizer (methyl laevulinic acid) and after a few hours exposing the skin to a red light source. It causes remission of acne due to the destruction of the bacterium, Propionibacterium Acnes, reduction of sebum production and the size of the sebaceous gland.

We also have the first device equipped with light source and vacuum system approved by the FDA (US drug agency) for the treatment of mild to moderate acne (acne vulgaris), blackheads and pustules. This platform is based on its vacuum system, which cleans the pores by removing sebaceous matter, and its broadband light technology, which selectively heats the sebaceous glands, activating acne-destroying porphyrias and reducing sebum production by photodynamic action. This technology eliminates the bacterium that causes acne and cleans the area.