The Trichology Unit offer the highest medical and technological quality for the study of hair problems and disorders.


Trichology is the branch of dermatology that deals specifically with hair problems. Any hair pathology requires dermatological assessment for proper diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

The Trichology Unit of the Pedro Jaén Group offers the highest medical and technological quality for the study of hair problems and disorders, including a medical team specialized in trichology and various devices for the diagnosis and monitoring of pathologies (digital trichoscope, fluorescent light lens, hair diameter measuring system, digital camcorder with continuous light and digital photographic clinical monitoring system). Each type of alopecia must be properly diagnosed in order to select the best treatment. At the Trichology Unit, we have the most advanced diagnostic and treatment techniques (including hormone therapy, PRP and hair transplant), and a digital tracking system to accurately monitor the treatment of our patients.

The medical team of the Trichology Unit, led by Dr. Pedro Jaén, includes Dr. Sergio Vañó (Trichology Unit Coordinator and dermatologist specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia, also coordinator of the Trichology Unit at the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital), Dr. Rita Rodrigues (international expert in trichology and sensitive skin), Dr. Bibiana Pérez (expert in trichology and laser hair removal), and Dr. Mónica González (expert in laser therapy and hair removal).

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Trichology treatment is indicated in any hair problem, including both hair loss (alopecia) and excess hair (hypertrichosis, hirsutism). The tests performed at the clinic will be very useful for making a correct diagnosis, starting the best treatment for each specific hair disorder and monitoring the progress of the treatment.

The tests performed at the trichology unit are completely safe and non-invasive. Therefore, they have no adverse effects or contraindications.
No special preparation is required prior to the test and no special care is needed afterwards.

Prior to the test: we recommend attending the clinic with the hair free from gel, hairspray or any other product.
After the test: no special care is required. According to the findings, the dermatologist will recommend the best time for the next trichology appointment.
This technique, besides being useful for diagnosis, allows proper monitoring of our patients and is useful for assessing response to treatment. Your doctor will tell you how often the sessions should be repeated.


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