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The Pedro Jaén Group is proud to present a pioneering project where excellence in patient care is the cornerstone.

To this end, we have brought together the leading skin care specialists, from a multidisciplinary perspective, having renowned experts in both clinical and cosmetic dermatology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, nutrition, endocrinology, etc.

Following models of clinical excellence that have already proven to give optimum results, with maximum care quality, we introduce the model of organization by sub-field. In this way, we aim to offer the most up to date, innovative and specialized care individually for each patient.

In modern medicine the new forms of communication and specialist training and countless research studies promote constant change and updating. Therefore, it is very difficult for a single specialist to embrace all the different areas of his field. To adapt to this process, we present a new structure in the field of private medicine: association of specialists and their organization in specialized units. The head or heads of these units will be the top pioneering specialists in this field and under constant training therein.

We aim to position ourselves as national benchmarks in each of the different fields in order to offer the highest quality care in all areas of dermatology.

Thus, for years now, we have had the following Specialized Units:

    • Clinical Dermatology Unit: acne, atopy, warts, rosacea, seborrhoeic dermatitis, etc.
    • Unit for the Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer.
    • Psoriasis Unit.
    • Paediatric Dermatology Unit.
    • Vascular Surgery Unit: diagnosis and therapeutic approach to sclerotherapy, surgical laser, surgery, etc.
    • Hyperhidrosis Unit.
    • Dermatological Emergency Unit.
    • Facial Cosmetic Dermatology Unit.
    • Body Modelling Unit.
    • Laser Unit: spot removal laser (Q-switched); various hair-removal lasers: alexandrite, diode, pulsed light, neodymium-YAG; vascular pathology laser: pulsed dye laser and neodymium-YAG, pulsed light; rejuvenating lasers: both non-ablative such as pulsed light, fraxel (dual Erbium and Thulium laser), and ablative: fractionated Erbium and unfractionated Erbium; instruments for facial and body tensing, such as radiofrequency.
    • Pigment Disorder Unit: vitiligo, melasma, etc.

The most recently created include:

    • Trichology Unit.
    • Unit for the Prevention and Diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma.
    • Sensitive Skin Unit.
    • Ulcer Unit.
    • Facial Paralysis Unit.
    • Unit for the Dermatological Care of the Cancer Patient.
    • Scar Unit.
    • Regenerative Medicine and Dermatology Unit.

Another of our distinguishing features will be the innovation and updating of the doctor-patient relationship, in order to make this relationship much closer and two-way.

Our aim is to provide excellent care in both scientific and personal terms. To achieve this goal it is very important to establish a close relationship and we currently have communication methods that make this possible. Through our website and blog, our aim is to offer updated information and resolve any doubts that may arise in in any of our patients, also allowing us to reach our patients from other Spanish provinces or other countries. We will also receive the concerns and opinions of our patients, enabling us to continuously improve and providing encouragement and motivation in our constant desire to excel.


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